by Stockholm

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released May 11, 2012

Recorded Mixed/Mastered By Cj Ridings
Album Cover Photo Richard Cardoza



all rights reserved


Stockholm Atlanta, Georgia

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Track Name: Crawl
Everything you say, everything you've done to me
It doesn't mean a thing
I wish I could crawl
Crawl into an empty hole
Away from you

Everything I said, and everything I've done for you
It doesn't mean a thing
I wish you would call, and talk about this all night long
All night long

These dark thoughts inside my head
It doesn't mean a thing
I can't sleep in my own bed
It doesn't mean a thing

Everything you say
Everything I've done for you
It doesn't mean a thing
Track Name: Parkside
Its been a while since I could breathe
Too many times I've woken from thoughts of you

I move on from the thoughts that I keep hidden inside,
From the thoughts that keep me buried alive

It's too much to do on my own,
You're too much to forget all at once

Dying faster as you want me to
It's getting too much for me to hold onto
Your memory is fading back
My heart's as clear as broken glass
Track Name: Farewell
So when can I see
An end to all my misery
And nothing stays the same

The blue it fades to black
But it never comes back
And it's all down hill from here

Talking, silence
Yelling, violence

Looking down from a ledge that I've never seen before
A braided rope around my throat
Stuck inside this world where I can't survive
So I'll leave it all behind

Does this appeal to you
My sorrow always shining through
I now know what I must do

I couldn't offer more
Than what I have before
I hope this will settle the score
Track Name: Worlds Apart
I've thought things through
I want you here
I'm so alone
With nothing but a mirror
To see the lines growing on my face
To see the things I've done
Nineteen years old
Too dead for this life

And I can't tell how I feel anymore

Too dead for this life
I can't stay, but I'll try

I'll run away
Leave my shoes behind
No footprints to trace-
Too dead for this life
Track Name: Lost Cause
I've grown so tired
I haven't slept in days
I keep on going back to that place

On that chilly August night
My life turned upside down
I just wish I would've said goodbye

These tired hands
Can grip no longer
A burnt out flame
With faith all gone
An unfinished song
I was never
Never wrong

I've got this empty feeling
Like there's nothing left inside
Not even in the back of my mind

But I cannot dwell on
The past, it's much to hard
So I'll take it one day at a time